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Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre quite simply is my approach to the process

MIRROR - To look back at previous successes and failures. Where the lessons are learned

SIGNAL - To discuss and plan the strategy we will jointly adopt for your business

MANOEUVRE - The execution of the plan


Tailored leadership development for senior executives and owner drivers, through to blue chip companies

The focus is on strengths, goals, challenges and areas for development

A priority is to create a strong and trusting partnership to gain greater self-awareness that allows you to tap into your personal potential and the potential of the business

Offering advice to broaden you leadership skills and alter behaviours to aid you in achieving greater success

A personalised approach to leadership development to enhance the performance of you, the individual and the teams or organisation that you lead, ultimately improving the business output

The Road Map............

  • your experience will consist of four stages. Beginnings, Middles, Endings, Evaluation

  • Each Stage will offer a bespoke service that includes a mixture of face to face and virtual meetings to suit you, along with access to ongoing contact and support that is totally tailored to suit your individual needs

  • Each stage will enable you to identify your current position and set out steps in order to achieve both your personal and business objectives

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