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I am always asked how much do I charge. And unlike a lot of coaches, I work to a complete bespoke package depending upon your business, needs, and the timeframes needed to make the changes you need in your business. 

The key point for me is that I will only ever take on a client if I believe I can add value to the business which in turn gives you a very positive return on your investment. It is impossible to give a guaranteed % ROI. The key is having the buy in of everyone involved. 

My relationships are always long standing, even long after the coaching may stop. With a huge passion for business I am driven to make your business as successful as you are. And at any point in our relationship you can stop, pause or continue as you continue to evaluate the benefits you are receiving, 

Short term projects

Sometimes a client need a shot in the arm, a revamp, a kick up the backside or simply a fresh pair of eyes to look at a specific area of the business. 

I am more than happy to come in look at the area, achieve the outcome and then you continue on your way

Longer term projects

A huge number of people I speak to are brilliant at their chosen profession but maybe have shortfalls in business skills. This is where I can sit alongside a business owner / Entrepreneur in order to guide and advise along the uncertain path that is being a business owner. You get a senior Executive sitting alongside you as a sounding board, support, advice and view from the outside which is invaluable 

Non Exec Roles

Working alongside an owner in a Non Exec role to advise, guide and ultimately support the business owner to grow, improve, manage, sell or drive the business forward. 

A lot of smaller businesses would love another Senior Executive on the team but salaries etc prevent that position. That is where I can significantly help 

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